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` aroCRM is our flagship cloud based product to allow businesses to manage customer relationships, including the data and information associated with them. With aroCRM, you can store customer and contact information, accounts, leads and sales opportunities in one central location. aroCRM offers a simple, userfriendly, intuitive platform to witness top notch customer experience. aroCRM’s easy-to-use, customizable dashboard provides 360-degree view of the customer, all in one place. aroCRM can serve as a vital nerve center to manage all connections that happen in a your business.
How aroCRM is helping businesses to grow?
  • Increase Revenue: According to a recent study by CSO Insights, salespeople spend only 25-30% of their time selling, and rest is spent on administrative work like qualifying leads, forecasting, routing leads, and researching. aroCRM is helping it’s customers to increase avergae revenue by increasing win rates, strengthening pipeline, improving the 360-degree view of a customer, and providing agility and technology the modern sales team needs.

  • Increase Win Rates: Sales people’s success is determined by one metric: how much business they bring in. aroCRM is helping the sales executives to close the deals as easy as possible. Leads are automatically routed as they come in, complete with contact information, account activity, and relevant company information. aroCRM users immediately have an arsenal of information to start moving a lead to close.

  • Improve 360 degree View of a Customer -aroCRM takes all of this information and puts it in one place. Lead‘s contact information is right in front along with company details. All of your tasks and engagement history are easily accessible, making the research process faster and more effective.This helps the sales person to minimise his/her time on researching different data in various platforms, rather help to speedup the next step in a single repository.

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