What are arodek Advantage ?

In the age of transformation, when the key to the success of a business is largely dependent on the selection and adherence to the correct technology, working with the right technology partner is a must and can be a major advantage for ensuring the sustenance of the growth of your business. Owing to the availability of high-end technology at the fingertips of every individual today, the ability of your business to deliver the correct content at the correct interval to the right target audience can be a major success factor in your business.

Customer-Centric Delivery Model:

We realize that businesses operate on a truly Global model now, and along the same lines, we have designed our delivery model to be able to support the operations globally. We understand that to be able to support operations at a global scale and ensure total peace of mind from the technology end to our valued customers, along with expertise in technology and business operations, ease of communication and accessibility are also must-haves.

In view of this, our service delivery model has been built looking at the market “Hype Cycle”, at the same time our team is built around customer domain and technology requirements to offer specialized services and solutions to meet distinct business needs. We operate in both “offshore” and “near-shore” models and also a convenient “Opti-Shore” model of service delivery to be able to support all types of business models. We are committed to ensuring seamless communication and quick response time in our service delivery. Our offshore delivery center is rapidly growing and is currently being remodeled to be able to provide the best customer satisfaction.

Customized Service Portfolio:

Our service portfolio combines traditional IT services with knowledge-based services such as Consulting and Business Process Outsourcing. This enables us to provide integrated solutions and unparalleled cost-effective services to help you recognize value very quickly.