SAP (System Applications and Products in Data Processing) has become one of the most demanding systems for creating a centralized system for businesses to manage their work processes efficiently. From finance and the public sector to retail and supply chain management, the software has brought a revolution by reducing data loss, redundancies, and errors in projects.

arodek is a leading SAP implementation service company in India that delivers groundbreaking solutions to companies. Our experts will collaborate with your team to build effective practices and workflows that can aid in designing, tuning, and building an SAP landscape.

Learn the SAP Implementation Process Step-by-Step with arodek: The Best SAP Services Company

As one of the top SAP implementation companies in India, we follow a detailed step-by-step process for successful SAP implementation in companies.

Here is a breakdown of how we guide you through this journey:

  • Project planning: This is the first phase where our team of experts will plan the entire project, considering all factors. Based on your company's specific requirements, goals, and priorities, we pick the right tools and approaches to meet your needs.
  • Creating a business blueprint: Next, our team will assess and outline your company's future business process in detail. Creating a blueprint document for this will help bridge any gaps between your company's current and future business processes. The organizational structure and satellites, along with other details, are also identified in this phase.
  • Realization/Implementation: Next, we will configure your baseline system to eliminate any remaining gaps in the business blueprint to ensure seamless SAP implementation. In this process, we also convert the non-productive systems in the current infrastructure to prepare it for the SAP implementation and perform any required customizations.
  • Performing integration tests: As one of the best SAP solution providers in India, our experts thoroughly conduct multiple tests (integration and unit tests) to check if the implementation process is proceeding successfully and ensure that the SAP implementation will deliver the desired results for your organization. In the first setup of this phase, we migrate and test only half of the process. In the next setup, we test the entire process after implementing the SAP landscape.
  • Preparation phase: In this phase, we perform activities that prepare your employees and systems before going live. Depending on the implementation and testing phase results, we will make the required changes to enable a successful migration to the SAP systems. We will train your employees to conduct their daily operations using SAP software.
  • Going live: Our SAP implementation experts in this phase will assist your business in transitioning from a pre-production environment to a live environment, along with migrating all the data to the SAP systems of the production environment. Our team of project managers will run frequent tests to check if the performance is on par. They will also monitor the SAP systems constantly to optimize their performance.
  • Production/Go Live Support: We have a dedicated support team to provide your business with constant support post-SAP implementation to remediate any production issues. Our team will also assist the users and root users to get used to the SAP applications and systems to ensure smooth operations.

Challenges in SAP implementation

We provide the best SAP consulting services in India, and we will help your company identify and remove any challenges that might occur in the process of SAP implementation.

Some of the common challenges that businesses face in the process are:

  • Lack of Enterprise Customization in SAP Implementation

  • No ongoing IT supports

  • Not integrating SAP with the other systems in the organization

  • Not removing the hardware obstacles

  • Choosing the incorrect processes for automation

  • Lack of specialization and expertise in design, implementation, and optimization.

Our approach as the leading SAP solution provider in India

As one of the leading SAP implementation companies in India, we will ease your company's technological transitions like no one else. We have a dedicated team of experts to cater to all your prerequisites and provide ongoing support for all integrations.

We are one of the very few SAP partners who provide detailed customization to cater to your business goals. As a trusted SAP implementation service company in India, we aim to offer time- and cost-effective solutions that surpass our clients' expectations.

We have a proven track record of on-time and successful delivery of SAP solutions to small, large, and mid-sized enterprises from diverse industries. We have testimonials and accreditation to prove our team's credibility in providing world-class services.

Our team of experts is equipped with the latest skill sets, technical know-how, and competence to bring about a technological revolution that fosters innovation and growth in any business. You can reach out to us for SAP S/4HANA services in India.

Strengthening organizations with our SAP solutions

Boosts efficiency

SAP implementation brings efficiency to every business process, be it data collection or filling up databases. It helps in streamlining different business processes.

Easy scalability

The SAP system is designed to accommodate business growth in every aspect of an organization by making expansion of operations easier.

Better data management

Having all the crucial data stored and organized in a single, accessible location makes the work of your employees easier. SAP implementation can help with this.

More flexibility

With an SAP-enabled company structure, there is a significantly higher scope of flexibility for your business to adapt to the highly volatile market dynamics.

Better predictions

With SAP systems, you can access instant real-time facts and figures for a better assessment of your business and make better-informed decisions by generating accurate business forecasts.

Impactful communication

SAP systems can help your company’s communication be more compelling, be it internal communication or marketing communication.