SmartWork is an amazing product that automates your business processes. Using aro-SmartWork, all your tasks can be monitored and supervised in real time, sitting anywhere and at any time.
The SmartWork application is used globally by users and has been serving them efficiently in keeping track of their projects. A great application for project supervisors and managers.
SmartWork application is available both online and offline and can be used as an in-built Web tool. It is compatible with Android and iOS and makes use of your device’s GPS to track and report in real-time.


  • Easy to install
    The application is available for download on both Android and iOS. 
  • Real Time reporting
    As a manager, you don’t have to keep on worrying about the operations in progress. You can just access the application and keep a track of the project’s progress. 
  • Know where you stand
    Not only does the tracking system lets you track the progress of current projects. It also provides you with an overview of where your company stands. 
  • Projects are easy to maintain
    In case of a problem during the project, you can stop it immediately and fix the issue. 

arodek is a global business consulting
and IT Services Company


  • GPS Tracking - Makes use of your device’s GPS for tracking.
  • Availability - The application works in online and offline mode, meaning that you can access your project status anytime.
  • Compatible – SmartWork is compatible with all kinds of Operating systems.
  • Your business in your phone – With real-time tracking you have all the information regarding your ongoing business within your phone.
  • Efficiency in business – By knowing the progress of your projects, you can improve any delays, as well as answer customer queries.
arodek believes that automation and the use of technology are everything in your business, and we are already working on it.
With our products such as the aro-CRM, aro-Safe application, and SmartWork, we have moved towards automation and ensure that our clients work towards digitization as well.