Commonly used software for ERP systems and provides end-to-end solutions for financial, logistics, distribution, and inventories. Presently, many companies are using SAP software for their daily business. SAP helps a company run business processes, including accounting, sales, production, human resources, and finance, all on a single platform. Similarly, customers can also view their details. It enables companies to increase scalability and flexibility in their business processes.

We are a trusted SAP solution service provider for leading customers around the globe. Our wide range of services are:

Implementation - arodek follows the standard stages of implementation, be it SAP S/4 Hana, SAP ERP, or any other SAP system. Building, designing, and tuning an SAP landscape requires many levels of understanding and expertise, which we have already achieved with a variety of requirements and successfully deployed with suggestive consultation to the advantage of our client. A good implementation strategy includes careful planning, testing, and migration.

Rollout - arodek has implemented rollout projects in more than one state and country with expert consultants.

Migration - arodek is competent to deploy migration from SAP ECC to SAP S/4 Hana to a new OS, different databases, and a cloud platform.

Upgrade - SAP system upgrade to the latest released version done by a sound technical team executed in two stages

  • Technical Upgrade
  • Functional Upgrade

Integration - It is an important task where organisations can connect their SAP systems with other systems and third-party apps to work together in harmony to increase productivity and data consistency. The SAP integration platform allows smooth integration of on-premise and cloud-based applications.

SAP Application Maintenance Support - Every organisation invests a huge amount to maintain and carry out support services. Thus, choosing arodek helps SAP AMS remodel, focusing on business optimisation, innovation, best practises in resource planning, business intelligence, systems integrations, and managed services.

SAP System Audit - : An audit, according to DIN, is a systematic, documented process used to audit the key organisational systems, practises, procedures, and controls supporting efficiencies, such as performance measurement and reporting systems, costing systems, and management's systems for benchmarking organisational performance.

Rise with SAP - Organisations should be adaptable, agile, and responsive in today’s economy. RISE with SAP is a curated solution that helps transform SAP S/4 HANA Cloud to run in an SAP data centre or with a hyperscale of choice. There are basically three approaches to transition.

  • New Implementation We can opt to deploy on-premise or in the cloud if we wish to start over and undertake a "new implementation".
  • System Conversion System Conversion "System conversion" is the route chosen by half of our customers. S/4HANA is being used to replace an old ERP system. We can deploy on-premises, in the SAP S/4HANA Cloud, in our own data centre, or with a hyperscale in the cloud.
  • Selective Data Transition To selectively transfer configuration and data from our existing ERP system(s) to a new SAP S/4HANA instance, we can use the cbs ET Enterprise Transformer tools and services. Multiple ERP solutions can be combined.

The technological path we choose is determined by our company's goals for seamless client transition and reducing time consumption. To maintain present data while going live with a big approach in the cloud.

arodek is a leader in providing tailor-made custom solutions for their customers to improve efficiency and transparency in their processes. Below are a few such examples to establish our real value in customer empowerment. arodek use cases and recent achievements include

  • "Zero" downtime for a new G/L migration for a renowned energy company
  • S/4 HANA Greenfield Implementations for Iron and Steel, Pesticides, Pharma, Healthcare, Port, and Manufacturing Companies
  • 2D barcode (QR) implementation in SCM processes using the SAP Mobile platform for a global chemical manufacturer
  • SAP AFS/FMS Solution Implementation and support for a renowned global manufacturing brand
  • Fiori dashboard development for a global manufacturer using the SAP QIM (Quality Issue Management) Solution
  • Gate pass Entry customization and integration for smooth receipt of purchase orders at plants and warehouses
  • Weighbridge solution for dock and port operations and other manufacturing site operations
  • Automatically read and enter scanned details during invoice receipt and posting.



arodek can help organisations embed better security and controls into business processes and transition into a sustainable state of monitoring by implementing GRC solutions, e.g., SAP, Oracle, Security Weaver, ERP Maestro, Xpandion, etc.

Our SAP team has proven experience in deploying GRC technology and providing technical and functional assistance throughout critical stages of the GRC technology life cycle. arodek is a partner of SAP.

What We Do

  • Strategy and vision
  • Business case and success factors
  • High level requirements and stakeholder management
  • Management of RFI & RFP process
  • Vendor technology evaluation and selection
  • Development and design of GRC architecture
Pre & Post-implementation review
  • Business case and success factors
  • High-level requirements and stakeholder management
  • Management of the RFI and RFP processes
  • Vendor technology evaluation and selection
  • Development and design of GRC architecture
  • Installation and post-implementation review
  • Business blueprint design review
  • System and Functional Design Review: Configuration, Master Data, and Security
  • Cutover and migration review
  • Review of application security and ITGC


Business Partner Implementation
  • Scope and requirements
  • Project planning and management
  • Operating model
  • Business blueprint design
  • Oversight and QA of technical install, configuration, and testing
  • Pilot go-live and post-go-live support


End-to-End Implementation partner & Managed Services
  • Installation and “baseline” configuration of GRC software
  • Customizations to meet business requirements
  • System and functional design and build: configuration, master data, and optimum security solution
  • Data migration; unit and UAT testing; training
  • Post-go-live support
  • Managed Services around GRC

arodek provides end-to-end advisory services across GRC access controls, process controls, risk management, audit management, and business integrity solutions with in-depth knowledge of how GRC solutions can be integrated to meet business requirements.


GRC Practice- A High Level Overview

We work towards delivering a holistic GRC solution with our "GRC Expertise + Risk & Controls Knowledge" and "Sector & Domain" experience.

  • Global
    Reviews & Roll-Outs

  • Sectoral

  • Our Experience

  • Dedicated
    GRC Team

  • Functional &

  • GRC Subject
    Matter Expertise

  • Professionals
    with 10+

  • Our Team

  • SAP GRC Access &
    Process Control

  • SAP GRC Risk &
    Audit Management

  • SAP Business
    Integrity Screening

  • SAP Security, SoD
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