Craft your SAP success story with arodek- your SAP Partner in Bangladesh

arodek stands as a beacon of excellence in the SAP consulting landscape of Bangladesh. We are not just another SAP consulting firm in Bangladesh; we are your trusted partner in SAP software solutions. Our SAP expertise is a cut above the rest, and we're here to empower businesses across the globe, spanning diverse industries.

When it comes to SAP, we don't just provide solutions; we create seamless operations, boost profitability, and optimize your investment returns. Our dedicated team of professionals operates with a client-centric approach, ensuring transparency throughout our comprehensive suite of services, which encompass implementation, integration, and application management across an extensive array of SAP products.

Explore our SAP Services

At arodek, we assist with your entire SAP journey, from planning to implementation and training your staff. Whether you're transitioning from old systems to SAP or integrating them for the first time, we are your seasoned guides through this intricate process.

  • SAP Advisory: The world of SAP is as intricate as a spider's web, with countless components and processes weaving together. As the leading SAP implementation service providers in Bangladesh, we delve deep, providing thorough analysis and recommendations, allowing you to find what's best for you. Moreover, we aid in building project blueprints and strategies, so your SAP implementation process is smoother and faster.
  • SAP Implementation Services: When it comes to SAP ERP implementation, arodek is the best SAP implementation services company in Bangladesh. Our consultants possess a wealth of experience in medium and large-scale SAP implementations across Bangladesh. Whether it's configuring intricate systems, developing bespoke solutions, or rigorously testing every component, we're your trusty companions.
  • Maintenance and Support: As your systems mature and find stability, the need for cost-effective application maintenance and support becomes crucial. We step into the role to make sure your system is progressing smoothly without any issues. We execute upgrades, implement change requests, and provide steadfast support services, so your business can grow at a rapid pace.
  • Cutting-edge SAP Solution: SAP is undergoing a seismic shift in how businesses utilize ERP capabilities. With SAP's cutting-edge, in-memory database HANA leading the way, it's like entering a new era of data exploration—with hordes of possibilities for data analytics. Moreover, the adoption of cloud-based systems is soaring across all sectors, and SAP's cloud offerings are expanding in lockstep. As your trusted SAP Partners in Bangladesh, at arodek, our seasoned experts help you stay up-to-date with the latest trends and technologies.

SAP Implementation Solution for Your Industry

In a world where change is the only constant, arodek features a wide range of SAP solutions tailored to your business needs. Our area of expertise includes:

  • Manufacturing: Being one of the Top SAP service providers in Bangladesh, arodek, we'll help you gain a clear view of every facet of your manufacturing operations. With our SAP solution, you will have complete command over resources, quality, pricing, inventory, supply chain, and logistics, all at your fingertips through real-time custom dashboards.
  • Food & Beverages: In the food and beverage business, precision and adaptability are key. With arodek's SAP Business One, transform your enterprise into a smarter, quicker, environmentally conscious, and socially responsible powerhouse. We cover all the bases: quality control, material requirement planning, product costing, co- products management, and even complaints and service management.
  • Logistics: When it comes to managing logistics, flexibility is essential. arodek is one of the top SAP consultants in Bangladesh featuring transportation and logistics management solutions, powered by SAP Business One. Say goodbye to bottlenecks, oversee inbound and outbound processes with ease, and optimize routes, transfer orders, and deliveries. Our innovative tracking capabilities simplify logistics network management.
  • Apparel: Maximize your fashion and vertical business profitability in real time with our all-in-one SAP Solution. From spanning manufacturing and wholesale to retail channels, our SAP services are tailored to your business needs.
  • Telecom: SAP has brought revolutionary change in the telecom industry. Our SAP solution makes it easier and more efficient to improve your customer experience and relationship.
  • Healthcare: Manage your healthcare organization’s patients, finances, and other crucial tasks with arodek. With our integrated solution, combine billing information with front office data, ensuring smooth operations. We also offer batch/expiry-based inventory control, seamless integration with external applications or devices, cost reduction, resource optimization, improved transparency, error-free billing, and real- time analysis of large datasets.

Automotive: Shorten product life cycles, cut costs, and enhance collaboration with dealers and customers with arodek’s SAP Business One solutions. We'll help you improve customer satisfaction, streamline marketing and sales management, reduce expenses, and optimize supply chain management. With SAP Business One, we're driving innovation and ensuring unparalleled customer satisfaction in the automotive industry.