arodek believes that automation and use of technology is everything in your business, and we are already working on it.

With our products such as the aro-CRM, aro-Safe application and SmartWork, we have moved towards automation and ensure that our clients’ work towards digitization as well.


aro-safe is an application to provide security to the data of our clients as well as ensures transparency for our customers. aro-safe has further two modules – the aro-safe application is used for the assistance of the end user. Through the use of this application, they can check whether a product is genuine or not.

Meanwhile, for our partners, we have launched the aro-safe partner application. This includes cloud storage where our partners can store their database without worrying that their data will be stolen.

How does it work?

aro-safe Partner application

aro-safe partner app stores the database of the companies on cloud storage. The barcode or the QR code of the product and the company will be scanned and stored in the database and their data will be encrypted, hence, ensuring that the cloud is anti-theft.

aro-safe application

The customers can install the application, scan the code from the product and within seconds they can know whether a product is fake or genuine.

aro-safe Partner

  • aro-safe partner app facilitates cloud storage.
  • The application offers security and easy access to data.
  • Partners can store data via QR code and Barcode scanning.
  • Data can be customer information and product information.
  • aro-safe encrypts all the data that is stored as to ensure that the data cannot be stolen or misused.

aro-safe (for Customers)

  • Let’s the customer’s access product information through the application.
  • aro-safe scans the QR code /Barcode and returns the information regarding their product.
  • If the application successfully returns the information, it means the product is authentic.
  • Otherwise, the product is fake.
  • Easy and quick access to information for the customers.
  • aro-safe is quick – the application accesses cloud storage and responds within a matter of seconds.