The concept of aroSafe came into picture when we wanted to build a technology that can help industries to fight against counterfeit products and enable the people to judge the authenticity of the products

Technology Solution

aroSafe is a mobile app based solution that will give the consumer the right to judge the authenticity of the products. Consumers scans barcodes / QR codes and validates authenticity of the product..

aroSafe Partner

Mobile app scans customers QR code/ Barcode and loads data in cloud database

aroSafe Cloud Database

Central storage server hosted on the cloud stores the customer items


aroSafe is the mobile app solution that will be used by the consumers whereas aroSafe Partner will be used by companies to load the data in the aroSafe cloud database. Hence the integrated impact of these 3 technological solution will be the main tool that will enable everyone to fight against counterfeiters.

From the Server to the Cloud

A. The barcode / QR code data from the company will be uploaded in the aroSafe cloud database through the help of aroSafe partner mobile app.

B. Cloud server uses encryption technology to store the data and ensures there is no data theft.

C. aroSafe will be used by the end consumer / retailers / distributors to scan the product label barcode and check whether the material that has  been given to him is genuine or fake within a fraction of a second