Blockchain development is the process of creating unchangeable and shared DLTs (distributed share ledger) for secure recording of transactions, and asset tracking (physical assets like money or tangible assets or non-physical assets like copyrights). A blockchain network can offer your company transparent delivery and storage for permissioned network members for tracking orders, payments, accounts, production or other data.

adorek is a leading blockchain development company in USA that delivers innovative and effective solutions. Our expert blockchain developers have advanced cryptography skills to ensure the highest security of your project. We will design secure blockchain technologies, custom blockchain application and interfaces and maintain client and server-side applications to ensure your organization's data security.

Learn the blockchain development process step-by-step with adorek: the Best Blockchain development company in USA

As the best development firm in USA, we follow a comprehensive and research-intensive process to ensure better success.

Here's the step-by-step procedure we follow:
  • Identifying the goal and problemThere is a list of things blockchain development can bring to your organization. But before jumping in, it is necessary to figure out how your business can benefit from it. Our competent team will brainstorm the problem statement and what your organization should aim to achieve from blockchain development. It will help us decide whether to build an application from scratch or migrate a current solution to a blockchain application.
  • Choosing a Consensus mechanismIn the next step, our team will identify a consensus mechanism which is a methodology for bringing in security, trust and agreement in a decentralized computer network.
    • Some of the popular consensus mechanisms are:
    • Proof of stake
    • Deposit-based consensus
    • Proof of work
    • Byzantine fault tolerant
    • Proof of elapsed time
    • We will select it based on your business' unique needs and specific goals.
  • Selecting a suitable blockchain platform

    With a blockchain platform, our blockchain developers can build a decentralized application for your business without creating a blockchain from scratch. We will pick the right fit for you based on the consensus mechanism selected in the previous step and the problems we aim to solve.

    • Some of the popular options for blockchain platforms are:
    • Ethereum
    • It is a public, open-source, blockchain-based distributed computing platform that can help in development of decentralized public applications with smart contracts.
    • Hyperledger fabric
    • It is an open-source blockchain platform suited for building enterprise applications.
    • Hyperledger Sawtooth
    • It is designed for building applications on permissioned blockchain networks.
  • Designing the blockchain nodes Our team will decide which programming languages should be used, whether a permissionless or permissioned blockchain network is required and elements affecting the development process. Will the blockchain nodes run on-premise on the cloud or in hybrid mode? Does your organization need a private, public or hybrid solution? Which operating system is required for running the application? Our team will decide all these answers for you.
  • Planning the blockchain configuration Depending on the blockchain platform we will be using for your company, our team will plan a variety of configuration elements including:
    • Asset re-issuance
    • Multi signatures
    • Native assets
    • Key formats
    • Atomic exchanges
    • Address formats
    • Block signatures
    • Parameters
    • Key management
    • Hand-shaking
    • Permissions
    • Asset issuance

    Though we will plan all these ahead to ensure a greater success of our custom blockchain development, all of this can be modified during run-time.

  • Building your APIs Some platforms might come with pre-built APIs (Application Programming Interface), and some might not. Depending on your business needs, there might be a need to build APIs for:
    • Storage and retrieval of data
    • Performing audit functions
    • Management of smart asset lifecycle
    • Smart contracts
    • Data authentication
    • Generation of addresses and Key pairs
    • Designing the user interface

    Once our team has created the outline for the entire application, they start designing the user interface for every software component. We will integrate the APIs with the UIs on the back end.

  • Choosing an accelerator to optimize blockchain application A hardware accelerator can enhance the performance, bring more flexibility and provide efficient power usage in compute-intensive blockchain applications. They also aid in optimization of individual blockchain components like governance, transaction validation and data storage. We are a leading blockchain development agency in USA. Our team of blockchain developers will select the best accelerator for your blockchain application.

Challenges in blockchain development

We are the top blockchain development expert in USA, and we can help your company mitigate all the challenges your organization might face in implementation of blockchain technology.

Here are some of the common challenges your organization might face in blockchain implementation:

  • Decentralization

  • Scalability

  • Security

  • Compatibility with legal systems

  • Energy consumption

  • Interoperability

Adorek is one of the top blockchain companies in USA with a high level of expertise and experience, and we assist companies in resolving these challenges.

Our approach as the leading blockchain development company in USA

At Adorek, we constantly strive to bring in technological revolution and explore and expand our potential in creating cutting-edge technical solutions for organizations. We are a leading blockchain development agency in USA.

We have a team of experts to provide highly innovative blockchain app development services to businesses. As a top blockchain company in USA, we follow a detailed and strategic approach right from the planning to the execution and support stage.

Our previous clients have all been industry leaders in the technological sphere which provided them an edge over their competitors. We always customize our solutions as per business goals which drive better results and make us the best blockchain development agency in USA.

Our aim is to bring in more efficiency and higher productivity in your organization through our services. We are one of the most successful blockchain services company in USA. You can reach out to us today for our blockchain development service.

Strengthening Organizations with our Blockchain Development Solutions

Increased transparency

The history of every transaction within the distributed ledger should be visible and transparent to all network members.

Reduced risk of fraud

Blockchain gives access to a complete audit trail of an asset’s history and record of every transaction to validate authenticity and prevents fraud.

Improved speed and efficiency

Blockchain automates and simplifies managing transactional records by eliminating workflow bottlenecks and improving time efficiency.

Reduced costs

There is no requirement for third-party intermediaries after blockchain implementation which enables speedy growth without sacrificing accuracy and trust.

Improved control of data

Blockchain enables individuals and organizations to decide with which parties they are willing to share parts of the digital data and for how long.


Several growing organizations across the world are implementing blockchain systems to solve intractable problems and streamline slow processes.