A leading steel manufacturing group creating flat rolled steel products and metals in India faced difficulties in recording correct data of production processes to track asset management, performance optimization of hot strip mill and cold rolling mills, data integration and visualization of analytic reports, process & process & electrical control.

• Data automation to reduce manual interference
• Optimize utilization of machinery and other resources in producing steel sheets and rolls
• Reduce material & fuel consumption during manufacturing


• Dispute in data maintenance due to manual intervention
• Complicated process followed to enter data into every module of SAP manually
• Errors in transactions in the SAP system




  • Maintaining master data in the dashboard prevented errors of duplicate entries done manually previously
  • PO and SO creation was automated
  • Materials used per batch during production were traceable through correct recording patterns of data
  • Optimization in fuel consumption during production
  • Production, planning, and execution were streamlined
  • Optimization of equipment performance
  • Each process of production was documented and uploaded in SAP, hence it helped in decision making had a positive effect on ROI

Solutions Implemented

  • Customized format designed to acquire and record master data and transactional data
  • A dashboard designed in SAP to fetch all data from the master excel sheet
  • Tools procured to integrate master data for a consistent view across the hybrid landscape
  • With initial mapping & seamless updates, the massive amount of critical data was removed
  • Automation in the creation and execution of the procurement process
  • 99% of accuracy in reports, thus transparency prevailed and helped in decision making
  • Tracking the performance of equipment, raw materials, and resources became seamless

Solutions described

  • Automation Process Dashboard created to fetch all data from master excel sheet which is to be maintained and updated regularly by internals
  • The raw materials and other resources get recorded in the Material creation
  • Bill of materials tracked, then routing created to other modules happens automatically
  • Then Purchase order gets created


It was tremendous experience in learning & identifying the difficulties in plant and operations helping with solutions to overcome business challenges.