Integration and Automation in Steel Industry
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Continuation of production process flow and sustain in the market The steel industry in India is going green, and the functions of the industry will definitely add low global emissions of carbon. Keeping in mind climate priorities the industry players are shifting towards technologies to recycle the products and on per unit/batch liquefying. In order to sustain, the manufacturers are depending on technologies for clean and energy-efficient procedures achieving sustainable circular in the economy. Most importantly use of water throughout the steel-making processes in cooling down the hot strips like heavy products for descaling and dust scrubbing. Most of the water is reused and returned to sources while little quantity is consumed. The wastewater gets treated with cyanide bacteria on-site power plant before discharging in sewage. Resource-intensive industries such as steel are looking at re-manufacturing in a big way to provide green solutions to tide over various challenges. The industry is focusing on ensuring zero waste. While the industry is simultaneously working to innovate and apply technologies with process research etc. arodek had explicit experience in business process consultation of its client. Digitization concerned the application of technologies controlling the production of heavy products and sheets, planning lessening wastages, storage status, device installation, and machinery performance optimization. Turning information from physical to digital documents into usable formats for information management and the same in business processes. The research and development reports of consultants in arodek consisted of issues in the process of recording raw materials used in batch unit ignition. Abnormal fuel consumption, errors in data entries hence resulting raise in cost per unit, complicated data maintenance and decentralized data structure impacting decision making, swelling of critical data in SAP. Digitization is important globally, but the execution of the technology and innovation is the need of the hour. Proposed solutions were successfully implemented and benefits were achieved. Data is centralized with the introduction of an automation dashboard, which uses the data input from master data maintained and updated regularly by resources. The integration of the master sheet with tools eased the recording of correct procurement processes. 99% of accuracy in reports after the automation tool recorded data intelligently Optimized machinery usage, with reports of machine downtime or idle time. Gave report of cost per unit and resources performances recorded Wastages treatment records helped in updating environmental reports. Mapping of critical data or backlogs removed, thus helping in deriving analytical reports. Decision-making was faster than ever and tracking of production became seamless. It was a tremendous experience in learning & identifying the difficulties in plant and operations helping with solutions to overcome business challenges. To know more log in to or email us at

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