arodek is committed to innovate and make use of all the latest technologies in order to help its clients and business partners. Almost everything around us works on this principle, the internet we are using is all about Artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence is the principle in which the machines perform tasks that are carried making use of human intelligence. The difference between artificial intelligence and the normal computer tasks are that in artificial intelligence the computer systems are able to perform tasks spontaneously reaction to different situations. While the others are just programmed to complete particular tasks.

From a business point of view artificial intelligence is used widely. Some use chat bots and virtual agents, the others use artificial intelligence for marketing purposes i.e. suggested ads, targeted advertisement, etc. All of this provides more efficiency, helps in improving customer service and increases business by gaining customers.

In today’s world where almost everything is based around AI, Adorek’s goal is to help out its clients by deriving a solution for their business that makes use of AI and is fruitful for their growth.