Devices are connected to a network by means of wireless connections. No human to human or human to peer connections are required. Internet of thing also provides a means of tracking and monitoring things through the use of sensors and IP addresses. For example: the IT department of a particular university can track the user activities on their computers connected on a network.

For any business, it is important to be able to keep track of how their business is doing in the market. For instance: by making use of Internet of things, a manufacturer can make out the sales of its product in a particular country or area. Like most other technologies, IoT is also used to gather data from various sources, helping out in deriving business solutions.

The IoT offers businesses unprecedented opportunities for gathering data and automating the process. It can be used in logistics to track the products, to gather data, working remotely, customer engagement, etc. The business will be much more secured and efficient by making use of internet of things as it saves time, increases productivity and ensures security. All of these factors lead to increase in customer satisfaction, hence, increasing your business.

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