Its the most important type of data entry which helps scanning and recognition of written or printed text. The text is first photoscanned, analyzed, and is finally translated into character codes. This machine-encoded text can be easily searched and edited electronically.

During the time of 21st century this software has a immense effect in day to day life of upgrowing technology, which made the improvement as well as convenient for its uses to develop amenities of the electronic media.

Towards the fastest growing world OCR have its contribution for –

  • Mobile payment (like Apple Pay) have the function to read the Credit Card information, and automatically store the information without the need for the user to type anything. This apply to VIP cards and other fidelity card programs.
  • Forms & Invoice Processing can be automatically added to the company process, by identifying the type of document as well as its information and then send to the infrastructure where it will lead to the next step of the process.
  • Account opening solutions can "read" different documents like ID Cards, Business Card and package the data to facilitate the work of reviewing and validating information before opening a Credit Card account.
  • Document archive and retrieval: by extracting the text from documents and populate a database, you can quickly retrieve them by entering keywords.
  • Automatic translation (like Microsoft Lens, Word Lens or SmartEye) “read” the text from an image, send the data to translate and display the result directly to the end-user