Importance of AP automation

  • Reduce invoice processing time
  • Reduce errors and duplications that come from manual data entry
  • Makes reporting, budgeting, and auditing far more efficient and accurate
  • Better insight and transparency.

Upgrading to an automated system is required to experience the advantages. Remote working and hassle-free payments within the due date are major requirements we have obtained recently from our clients. The solutions we were able to solve and consult are given below

Manufacturing Industry

Verticals- Food & Beverages, Wagon, Steel

Requirements Comparably similar –

  • Vendor payment due report to clear the payments within the due date
  • Vendor payment dashboard

Requirements as per need-

  • Vendor payment & reporting in a single platform-based business zone
  • Vendor Payment & reporting in a single platform-based business location


  • It is unfeasible to get reports based on business zone and business area in SAP we have created customized code in standard SAP process to work with specific criteria like vendor payment & reporting based on business zone and area
  • A customized user maintenance table was created to link the business area with the business location/zone. So as to avoid cross-zone/location transaction duplicacy
  • To process the payment program a dashboard with all necessary transaction options is created in a single screen
  • Moreover, to clear the payments from the respective banks of clients, we have integrated API/FTP between the client & bank. Having API/FTP integration the respective payments from banks could fetch the generated file for processing the vendor payment


The automation solution given was a need basis, which solved major issues of clients to get an accurate report, and payments made within the due date with customized features added. The adoption was quickly adapting and improving operations.