Artificial Intelligence

arodek is committed to innovating and making use of all the latest technologies in order to help its clients and business partners. Almost everything around us works on this principle, the internet we are using is all about Artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence is the principle in which machines perform tasks that are carried making use of human intelligence. The difference between artificial intelligence and normal computer tasks is that in artificial intelligence the computer systems are able to perform tasks spontaneously in reaction to different situations. While the others are just programmed to complete particular tasks.

Internet of Things

Internet of things refers to a device that is connected to the internet, on a network without the use of any physical means. The devices either use Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or sensors. This technology is also used all across the world for purposes such as tracking, monitoring, and controlling things by means of sensors even when being far away from the device. arodek by making use of IoT technology offers businesses unprecedented opportunities for gathering data and automating the process. IoT can be used in logistics to track products, gather data, work remotely, with customer engagement, etc. The business will be much more secure and efficient by making use of the internet of things as it saves time, increases productivity, and ensures security. All of these factors lead to an increase in customer satisfaction, hence, increasing your business. At arodek, we care about your goals and thus provide the best IT solutions for your business. And as innovation is our priority, our solutions are always based on new technologies and IoT is one of them.

Application Development

These days, applications are the driving factor for any business. Not only does it connects you and your customer together but also helps you get more customers. While developing an application, there are various factors to keep in mind. Its design, color scheme, functionality, and ease of use. For a business, launching an application allows them to fulfill customer needs quickly. For example, an e-shopping application gets a number of orders that are placed by people sitting at their homes, they receive the order and they can deliver the order to the respective customers. This process didn’t require the customer to go out to the shop. The company on the other hand didn’t have to be physically present for the customer. The process of developing applications consists of collecting information, planning, designing, testing, and then implementing. The whole process is termed a System Development life cycle. So if you own a business, you must have an application that enables your clients and customers to be able to access you through an application. And if you don’t then nothing to worry about as arodek is here to serve you according to your needs. Our experts are well aware of the requirements of today’s business and we deliver the best.


From a business point of view, artificial intelligence is used widely. Some use chatbots and virtual agents, the others use artificial intelligence for marketing purposes i.e. suggested ads, targeted advertisements, etc. All of this provides more efficiency, helps in improving customer service, and increases business by gaining customers. In today’s world where almost everything is based around AI, arodek’s goal is to help out its clients by deriving a solution for their business that makes use of AI and is fruitful for their growth.

BlockChain from a business point of view:

Blockchain technology is now being widely used in everyday business. Particularly in digital marketing, the information stored through Blockchain technology can be extremely useful for digital marketing. Moreover, payment methods are being made quickly and reliably through the use of this technology. Some examples are cryptocurrency and more micro transaction-friendly methods are being introduced.