Companies in the fashion industry are constantly faced with challenges on pressure, price and lead times due to rapidly changing fashion trends, complex supply chains involving global procurement, manufacturing and sub-contracting, that can be difficult to monitor, Seasonal fluctuations and volatility of demand which can result in stock shortages and forecast uncertainty. Since, in-spite of similar nature of business, every company has its own characteristic business process and supply chain and value chain setup, a custom built solution based on industrial best practices is a must for ensuring smooth operation taking care of the inherent challenges. A well designed solution would help you unleash the true potential of your value chains.

arodek is a global business consulting
and IT Services Company

  • Rapidly changing fashion trends
  • Complex supply chains involving global vendors, complicated further by inefficient communication systems
  • Seasonal fluctuations in demand
  • Huge number of variants of products
  • Apportioning available stock to demand in case of stock shortages
  • Maintaining proper sales strategies for maximizing profit during seasonal sales

The arodek Advantage for Fashion

The combination of our unique pre-configured Apparel and Footwear solution and the expertise of our Fashion Domain Analysts would ensure that a stable system customized to cater to Your business requirements can be made up and running in lowest possible time.

Setting up of appropriate product allocation strategies for your business for optimal product allocation during stock shortages Dedicated workbench for ensuring proper and timely communication and action in case of batch job failures Seamless interface of your AFS system with other systems for proper analytics, warehouse management, retail execution, digital sales etc.