Data & Analytics

Our Expertise

Data and Analytics deals with making use of raw data in order to conclude something meaningful, that helps in future planning and optimizing business. arodek has years of experience in the field, and we use Data Analysis, Machine learning and Exploratory data analysis to analyze the patterns of your data.

arodek uses new methodologies – visual sciences and storytelling for decision making and analyzing data. We have worked with various reputable clients in different fields. By working with their data and analyzing their business patterns, we have helped them achieve their success and optimize their business. arodek uses new methodologies – visual sciences and storytelling for decision making and analyzing data.

What We Do


Artificial Intelligence

arodek believes that success lies in the use of latest technologies. Our collaboration with our clients is based on the same principle, as we help deploy digital methods that make use of artificial intelligence in order to help enhance your business.


Data Discovery Platform

Data discovery platform consists of the tools and technology required in order to analyze data. These platforms are widely used in Data & analytics. arodek has an experienced team that has ability to prepare data before it can be analyzed. This preparation is an essential part of Data discovery platforms. This methodology helps analyze data so that your business can predict the future patterns, take any preventive measures and also maintain your data. All of which leads to the growth of your business.


Total Customer Centricity

Most business are switching from being product centric to customer centric, this process is done by total customer centric method. arodek TCC solution enables the clients to have a view on the customer records in order to improve their service. TCC has proved to be beneficial for customer satisfaction. The process has been adapted by most reputable organizations, it involves collection of customer data from as much sources as possible and turn it into meaningful information for the process of your business.


Big Data-as-a-Service

All the services – Data and analytics and TCC fall under the category of big data. arodek provides its services to conduct a statistical analysis of the data that is collected by the organizations on a daily basis. Big data as a service relies on cloud storage for data preservation and access.