CRM software trends in 2024
CRM Software Trends to Watch Out For in 2024
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Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software has become an indispensable part of many organizations in Bangladesh. With the exclusive features and convenience, not just large organizations but also businesses of medium and small scales are also adopting the technology. The growing demand has also caused the emergence of various CRM software companies in Bangladesh. However, with these upcoming demands, one thing businesses often forget to remember is that the technological landscape is always changing. Therefore, it’s essential to customize your CRM features to be tailored to the demands and business needs. If you don’t fall behind these trains and lose to your competitors, it’s time you look into the CRM trends for 2024 and beyond. Let’s dive in: 

GenAI powering CRM:

2023 was the year of GenAI. With ChatGPT and other artificial intelligence making operations more time-efficient, the technology has opened new doors for businesses. On that note, 2024 will also observe a surge in the demand for GenAI. Hence, organizations in Bangladesh must focus on CRM software solutions powered by generative AI. AI-infused chatbots seamlessly provide real-time, tailored customer experiences. This advancement empowers businesses to furnish immediate assistance, offer personalized suggestions, and optimize customer service workflows to unprecedented levels.

Hyper-personalization to improve customer satisfaction

It’s needless to say that technology has changed the consumer landscape. With so many options on the internet, customers demand tailored experiences tailored to individual preferences. Looking ahead to 2024, CRM systems must analyze customers’ interests and purchase histories thoroughly to predict custom products and services.

AI-powered security and compliance:

With the increase in digital services, cyber crime has also increased. Therefore, it’s essential for organizations to store their data in a more safe and secure way. Integrating AI-powered security systems can identify potential cyber threats, automate repetitive security tasks, and help you detect data security problems faster.

Social CRM to understand customer emotions

Implementing Social CRM involves seamlessly integrating social media channels into the CRM platform. This synergy between social media and CRM systems can significantly increase organizational efforts. The amalgamation of these potent tools plays a pivotal role in understanding your audience emotions and what strategy you should deploy. Integrating a Social CRM system effectively enhances engagement levels and fortifies customer relationships.

Voice Technology Integration:

Voice search technology is gaining popularity across various industries, and CRM is no exception. Integrating voice interfaces into your application or software makes it more interesting and engaging, be it for your audience or team. Consult with your CRM software provider to see if they can help you integrate voice technology. At Arduino, our skilled staff can help you with various technical issues. Visit us!
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