Adaption is a spontaneous activity that requires the right approach, and the right methods to apply.


Factors that drive digital transformation Include:

  • A clear strategy with integrated technology
  • Flexible interoperable technology and data platform
  • Ability to monitor and measure transformation progress
  • Collection of massive data combining real-world and digital platform  to use resources efficiently.


  • High volume of data entry in the manual process
  • Errors in data entry at multiple locations
  • Lack of tracking of material movement in the goods incoming process
  • Dependency on multiple individuals for recording data in SAP system


The following solution was delivered taking into consideration the above requirement

  • Making the workspace paperless, by digitally capturing the database streamlining process flow, accessing useful analytics, improving decision-making capabilities, avoiding costly rework and downtime, simplifying performance monitoring
  • Using DMS for making the work culture paperless, strengthening document maintenance, document security, finding and retrieving documents more easily
  • Capturing Gate-Pass entries digitally, and subsequently auto-population in SAP
  • Streamlining the Procure to Pay processes with paperless integration of Gate Pass & Weigh Bridge system
  • Using in-house Optical Character Recognition software for scanning documents and converting the data into text files or pdf files and export to DMS/ content server and parking the MIRO system
  • The invoices are always accessible to the accounts department using software technology OCR


  • Automated Gate Pass  & Weigh Bridge Process with the introduction of QR Codes & RFID and integrated with OCR Technology
  • Storage of Vendor Invoices and other documents in DMS for quick access through SAP
  • Automated MIRO Parking process integrated with OCR with 99% accuracy


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