Block chain is a record storing technology, a chain of a huge number of record stored in the form of “digital blocks”. This is not an app or a network but an innovative way in which the data can be stored on the internet. Block chain technology makes use of different types of technology and has grown so much that it is now being termed as the “Internet 3.0”.

The best thing about block chain is that it’s very hard to change that information as it is not just a simple block of information but a chain of related information. Through block chains the data has been stored to a centralized authority that can make use of this information. For example: a government can make use of Block chains to keep track of a person that travels to the country. They can look at his identity, his past record of travelling and other related information.

Due to its popular demand more and more people are using this technology, and the businesses are making use of it too. arodek realizes the importance of this technology and we offer clients assistance to ensure that their business flourish.

In the supply chain sector, there is a huge number of different products being transported to various locations on a daily basis. It is difficult to track record of the products, however, through the use of block chains this has been resolved to a great extent. The manufacturers and vendors can get an insight of the product usage and it’s history, being able to use the decentralized supply ledger in order to investigate variables such as delivery or maintenance of products.

Block chain introduces transparency and efficiency to the supply chain sector, helping both – the end user, the manufacturers and the transporters as well. As we have mentioned earlier, that the data is hard to be misused, this helps in creating a lot of transparency in the supply chain industry. The digital information of a certain product can help tracking it. Further the trading in grey markets can be eradicated by making use of block chains. Improve visibility and compliance over outsourced contract manufacturing

Safeguarding IP:
The information is stored which can help in protecting the right of one individual’s property, be it a creation or an agreement. The information can be used in courts as evidence or as to prove authentication.