Our Expertise

arodek is a Global IT solutions provider and consultation company. The company has successfully consulted a number of well reputed organizations and helped them towards digitization. Our services are not confined to particular field, but we provide consultation for all kinds of businesses, whether manufacturing, medicine, textiles, food or energy sector.

Services Consulting



The manufacturing industry has undergone many changes over the years, mainly due to digitization. arodek has been offering its service to various manufacturers and has helped them grow. Our services include deriving an efficient system that integrate all the components of a manufacturing process together and manufacture a product or desired result. Other than that, planning and management of finances is also being carried out.


Apparel and Footwear

arodek has a vast experience in providing consultation services to the textile and footwear sector. We have helped several industries in production, deriving business strategies and product development. Everything from planning, managing finances and inventory, improving the product quality and dealing with the supply chain is all part of our services.



Bringing innovation to the manufacturing industry is what arodek believes in. For the chemical industry, market research and forecasting is carried out. Along with that we help in strategy planning as our experts know all about the latest technologies being used in the market. We combine our knowledge of the information technology and chemical industry together and derive solutions that are the trends of chemical industry.



Metal industry like any other industry has undergone various changes since people has started to automate in every sector. We have the solutions to your problem as we are working hard to improve the standard of business of every client that works with us. We have the knowledge of the latest market requirements, combined with the newest technologies.



Consulting services in the glass sector includes consultation in every department whether glass formulation, melting, manufacture and end use. Manufacturing & general management, change management, business development, problem solving strategies.



The future is energy sector is now and we help implement that to your energy industry. As the world moves towards digitization, we assist you in stepping up your industry so that you are able to compete with the others. We ensure that your customers are satisfied and that your production is efficient in as minimum cost as possible.



Along with digitization, there has been an increase in the demand of food. As a company you cannot afford to be behind your competitors as they can soon take over your place if you lack a bit. Everything from the manufacturing process to food delivery and consumption should be spot on. That is where we offer our services, enabling companies to digitize and enhance their standard. We help you develop a strategy making use of visual techniques, maintain your inventory and have a deep insight of your market trends.


Oil & Gas

The energy sector requires digitalization. Technology is an essential component of Oil and Gas sector. The stakeholders have been reluctant to invest money on the technology but the studies and recent patterns have shown that technology has increased their growth and productivity. The companies using new technologies have been able to satisfy more customers lately.

Industry Consulting


Management Consulting

Companies require management consulting in order to increase their productivity. Management consultation is aimed to improve business strategy, organizational performance and operational processes. We analyze your data and derive future patterns and strategies for your business.

Management consultants provide alternate and better ways of performing the tasks, we implement new methodologies and digital tools for your business to improve your efficiency.


Business Process Management

Business process management is the process that is integrated in your company on a daily basis and not a one-time thing. This process helps an organization to perform their daily tasks in an organized manner. In this way they are able to manage their data, increase productivity and efficiency in their business.

Data is easy to access and manage so that they can use this data for future planning and optimization. All this monitoring is done through digital means by making use of data analytics strategies and digital tools.


AI and Automation

arodek is committed to innovate and make use of all the latest technologies in order to help its clients and business partners. From a business point of view artificial intelligence is used widely. Some use chat bots and virtual agents, the others use artificial intelligence for marketing purposes i.e. suggested ads, targeted advertisement, etc. All of this provides more efficiency, helps in improving customer service and increases business by gaining customers.


Digital Strategy and Transformation

Most companies are transforming their business and moving towards digitization. The strategy to go digital ensures that the companies perform well among its competitors and all the functions within the company are performed in an efficient manner. It specifies the direction an organization will take to create new competitive advantages with technology, as well as the tactics it will use to achieve these changes.

Digital transformation means to switch over to all the digital processes and replacing the ones that were manual. Either the old methods are completely eradicated or they are revamped. Being one of the leading global IT solution company, arodek is committed towards innovation and digitization and we are there to consult any company that wants to transform its business to digital.


Digital Operations

One key to succeed in the modern world is the ability to adapt to consumer needs as quickly and as efficiently as possible. Back in the days it was all about satisfying the customer. However, nowadays organizations are starting to realize that the employees working are as important as well and they are constantly changing and providing the best working environment and software that respond to the needs more quickly.

Companies pay more attention to what their employees have to say about their work environment and equipment. In case of any updates required they do it, all of which leads to growth in overall performance.

Our company is the best when to comes to updating your production strategies and consultation about the use of software in your organization.


Audit Finding

Audit findings are as important as digitalization. It conducts an overall review of the company’s processes and comes with a comprehensive results as to where the company stands at the current time. Everything, from finances, inventory, employees, and customer satisfaction can be evaluated through an Audit.

These audit findings can then be used to improve performance, remove any loop holes or simply to keep an eye on how the organization is working as a successful business. This is similar to data and analytics, and arodek can be helpful to provide you with assistance regarding analyzing the audit findings that took place.


Blockchain and IoT

Block chain is a record storing technology, a chain of a huge number of record stored in the form of “digital blocks”. This is the new trend and at arodek we make use of the Block chain technology to create ease of business.

Due to its transparency factor Block chain is widely being used by the different organizations. Internet of things is also used all across the world for purposes such as tracking, monitoring and controlling things by means of sensors even when being far away from the device.

At arodek, we care about your goals and thus provide the best IT solutions for your business. And as innovation is our priority, our solutions are always based around new technologies and IoT is one of them.