Automate your business processes with arodek’s CRM which is easy to use cloud storage that integrates all your important tasks and information on a single platform. Our CRM includes all the sophisticated processes, yet it is easy to use.

The purpose of CRM is to facilitate interaction between customers and the company, and also to interact with every part of your organization. aro-CRM uses industry-leading technology for improved and efficient business.

aro-crm has all your applications such as - Sales, Marketing and Customer Service all integrated in one place. The CRM is accessible from anywhere, anytime. A strong basis of arodek’s goal of automating your business which provides better productivity and improved customer service.

aroCRM Benefits

Improved customer relationships

The CRM uses data analysis about the customer and their history. In this way helping to improve on the service and attracting even more customers.

Sales reporting

You can keep track of all your sales, emails, and interactions. Makes it easier to access all the details

Data analysis

Helps you forecast your sales trend.

Customer segmentation

By segmenting prospects by parameters such as location, deal size, or close date, you can identify specific regions or industries to sell into, and benchmark your average sales price and sales cycle.

Scaling a sales process

A repeatable sales process is key to testing new sales motions and strategies. Without the information stored in a CRM, you’re shooting in the dark. You need this data to spot behavioral patterns and trends in effective and ineffective sales behaviors. Otherwise, you won’t be able to grow your team or business efficiently.

Managing marketing campaigns

By optimizing all campaign activities, CRM software makes it easy to focus targeting and segmentation of customer.

Better internal communication

All of the business processes are handled on a single platform which helps better communication and transfer of information within the company.

Increases response time

Now that all the information and interactions can be made automated by the use of aro-CRM. Customer complaints and requests are responded quickly.

Grows business

Use of technology increases productivity and hence, growing your reputation as a successful business.

Value adding Product

aro-CRM integrates each and every information on a single platform, a platform where both the customer and the company can be present at the same time. It allows the customers to have bit more of a say and interact with the company quicker and easier. For a business, CRM helps you improve your customer service. While the customer can add complaints, requests or suggestions on the CRM, it is viewed by the company in real time. Likewise, any new updates or responses can be view by the customer as well. Digitizing your business adds value to it and helps in customer satisfaction.