Why aroChain can bring transparency to supply chain?

Companies now putting lots of effort to optimise their supply chain process, better track the movement of goods and information in the network. aroChain, our full-proof blockchain solution is equipped to manoeuvre supply chain processes with efficiency and optimization. From conducting payment and audits to tracking inventory and assets, aroChain enables better supply chain management of B2B companies. With impeccable security feature, a transaction once captured, is there to remain within the network, forever, without threats of alteration. Every time an item exchanges hands within a supply chain, aroChain’s ledger, records the details and is capable of producing the history of transactions behind each item and each player in a transparent yet secure manner. From raw materials to finished products, replenishment of inventory to sales invoices, you are in control of each element of your demand-supply cycle. Using aroChain’s decentralized cloud database, companies can increase transparency and improve efficiency at every step of the supply chain.

Benefits of aroChain

Faster problem solution

Efficient Inventory Handling

Improve operational efficiency

Minimises fraud and errors

Higher visibility and trust

Reduce handling cost